Keystone for Incubating Innovation in Life sciences in NYC, KiiLN, is an affordable biotech startup incubator in East Harlem, New York. The primary purpose of KiiLN is to address the need for affordable dedicated wet-lab space and facilities for biopharmaceutical research and development in New York city. We will foster a community of like-minded entrepreneurial scientists to aid in the success of startup companies by providing networking and business solutions. The KiiLN community will aid in the revitalization of East Harlem by building a culture that sustains innovation.

The long-term vision of KiiLN is to create a vibrant biomedical research industry specific cluster in East Harlem and make New York City the next Biotechnology Hub.

KiiLN offers: 

KiiLN offers

 Incubating early stage Biotech Innovation for success in NYC

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