Incubating in NYC

Dear Follower,

We are building relationships with life science startups and we are calling for letters of intent in support of our project and the need for early-stage acceleration programming to help your ideas grow from academic labs to funded companies.
Please let us know your company size, funding stage, what makes you tick, and your vision for the future to:

The background and challenge
New York City is the global center for business leaders and investment capital. NYC has the world’s largest concentration of academic institutions, is the 2nd largest recipient of NIH research funding and has the most hospital bed density in the country. This makes NYC the ideal meeting place for scientific and medical discoveries to find potential funding as they spin out of academia. However, as startup companies move out from research institutions, they are forced to move away from the city due to lack of high-quality, non-capital-draining laboratory and office space to develop and commercialize bioscience research locally. We help companies get started in their earliest stages in order to keep them in New York.

The need 
New York City needs affordable biotech incubators with good access to all major academic research institutions and local scientific and entrepreneurial talent.  But also, young companies need help to get started and learn the ropes in order to gain critical funding for research to cure diseases.

The solution
KiiLN provides acceleration and business development programming to life science startups in New York. We are focused on very early stage projects coming out of New York’s great academic research institutions, funded at a pre-seed, seed, SBIR, and even series A-funded startups. KiiLN has partnered with Cambridge BioLabs to provide acceleration programs for the resident companies of New York BioLabs, a premier co-working space for biotech companies in need of dedicated labs, equipment and a collaborative community.

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